CURRAHEE! Stands Alone! 

The 506th Legion was founded in 2014, as a gaming clan which came about to provide a place for Gamers to play games in a cohesive and structured team. The 506th Legion was named after the 506th PIR (506th Parachute Infantry Regiment), and pays homage to that unit. The 506th Legion has over 100 members with competitive teams in multiple games. We strive to help our members gain experience and knowledge to help them become better players. We have an age restriction, so there are no "Squeakers." In addition, we have several Media and Game Servers, and a well organized TeamSpeak 3 Server. We give special status to Active Duty, and Military Veterans. If you are interested in joining the legion, just jump onto our Teamspeak, or Discord.

For the Code of conduct for our members, the Legion Store which has 506th Legion Merchandise, or to place a ban appeal request, please use the navigation bar at the top of the page. 

We are not affiliated with the 506th PIR Realism group for ARMA, Thank you.

506th Legion

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We always ask that you visit the 506th Airborne Infantry Association for history on the 506th Infantry (Our Name Sake)