T-Shirt Idea Contest

We are holding a Contest for Best shirt Ideas! Please submit your idea below!

Once we have 4-5 really good submissions we will hold a vote as to the best idea. The winning submission will receive one of the New Shirts for Free, along with a 506th Legion Patch.

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506th Legion 2020 Digital Scavenger hunt

Welcome to the 2020 506th Legion Digital Scavenger hunt!


The contest rules are simple. Find the Clues! each proper clue will lead you to the proper one. the thing is... there are also fake clues that will lead you off the proper path. We have used hidden ciphers, languages and other methods of hiding things in plain sight. The only real rule is, that you need to be a member of the Legion to participate.

1st Place prize: $75 Amazon Gift Card and 506th Legion Store credit of $60
2nd Place Prize: $50 Amazon Gift Card, and 506th Legion Store credit of $40
3rd Place Prize: 506th Legion Patch and $20 credit in the Legion store.

The clues will be anywhere that the 506th Legion has a footprint. Our Teamspeak, Twitter, Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, Discord, and many more. Locate the clues, the last clue will have a riddle, with an email address. send the riddle answer to the email address and you will win the prize based on when you submitted your answer. We will keep up this scavenger hunt until all three prizes are claimed. Once the prizes are claimed we will announce the winners in our Discord and Teamspeak.

Happy hunting.