Gaming Servers

506th Legion Ark Server Details:

Server Name: 506Legion

Server IP Address:

Map: Crystal Isles

Mods are Auto-Enabled / Installed

PVP / Raiding is Enabled online only.

Server Rules:

1. No Offline PVP/Raiding

2. No Advertising other servers

3. No Selling / Spamming in Chat

4. No Racism or Harassment

5. Server is 16+ no underage players. 

506th Legion Minecraft Server Details:

Server Name: 506th Legion Minecraft

Server IP Address:

Minecraft Version: 1.16.1

Server Rules:

1. No Griefing 

2. No Cheating / Hacking / Using Mods which expose resources etc.

3. No Spamming / Advertising other servers

4. No Racism or Harassment

5. No Harassing other players

6. No Selling Items on Server for Real Money

7. No Exploits

8. No PVP in Over-world without mutual agreement

9. No Excess Auto-Farming / Machines which cause lag (I.E. Huge Cactus farms)


Spawn Area has Starting items to make your life easier. These are available to all who spawn in.

Stake your claim with a golden shovel! you earn 100 claimable blocks every hour you're on the server, with a max of 10,000 blocks.

More Claimable blocks can be earned by becoming a Patron. the higher the tier Patron, the higher number of blocks you can max out with.

Wood Patron: 500 Blocks / Month

Bronze Patron: 750 Blocks / Month

Silver Patron: 1,000 Blocks / Month

Gold Patron: 1,000 Blocks / Month

Diamond Patron: 1,000 Blocks / Month

In Game Currency: You start off with $0.00 but can make in game currency by selling items to the Server Store (Located at Spawn). You can also receive free in game currency each month for being a Patron.

Wood Patron: $100 / Month (IN GAME CURRENCY)

Bronze Patron: $500 / Month (IN GAME CURRENCY)

Silver Patron: $1000 / Month (IN GAME CURRENCY)

Gold Patron: $2500 / Month (IN GAME CURRENCY)

Diamond Patron: $5000 / Month (IN GAME CURRENCY)

Have fun!