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Gaming Team in Black

WVU Potomac State College recruiting for the following titles:

• Rocket League

• Call of Duty

• League of Legends

• Valorant

• Super Smash Bros.

• Sports Titles

What we offer:

• Athletic scholarships.

• Esports arena with state-of-the-art PCs with each varsity player having their own personalized space

• On site staff and coaches to help you every step of your collegiate esports journey!

• Official varsity program that receives the same benefits as all student-athletes receive

• Professional development in the esports industry

• Free WVU PSC apparel

• Paid for league fees

• Travel to esports events

School Website:


Recruiting Discord


Contact Info for the team recruiter

Discord: @Graham#4722

Email :


Fill out our Esports Questionnaire:

506th PIR Association


Gallant Few


The 506th Legion was founded by an alumni of the 506th Parachute Infantry Regiment. This video game community is all about the veterans, but open to all. Our discord, game servers, and other services are the top of the game. WE ARE THE LEGION.

The 506th Legion is based in Fayetteville, NC United States, but also has members globally. For more information or inquires, please email

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